Complete your Roadie® 15 Hard Cooler
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    YETI Thin Ice
  • YETI YETI® Ice Scoop Stainless Steel
    YETI® Ice Scoop
  • YETI Security Cable Lock and Bracket Black
    Security Cable Lock and Bracket

People are asking

  • Which size Roadie® Cooler should I buy?

    Meet the most compact Hard Cooler in our lineup. This small but mighty version of the classic Roadie® Family still packs all your favorite essentials, cans, and wine bottles, but in our most portable design yet. If you’re looking for a hard cooler with more capacity, still in a portable format, check out our Roadie® 24, which fits 11 more cans (only) and 10 more lbs of ice (only) than the Roadie® 15.

  • Is there anything different about the Roadie® 15 Cooler vs. prior Roadie® Cooler versions?

    The Roadie® 15 is smaller capacity vs. Roadie® 24. Roadie® 15 can hold 22 cans while Roadie® 24 can hold 33 cans. Roadie® 15 has a drain plug while Roadie® 24 doesn’t. Roadie® 15 can accommodate a lockport accessory, which enables you to lock your cooler contents; Roadie® 24 cannot accommodate the Roadie® Lockport accessory. Roadie® 15 has more accessible anchorpoint tie down slots, meaning it can be tied down or locked to a surface. The DoubleDuty™ Strap on Roadie® 15 is new to the Roadie® family and enables a dual carry experience, either shoulder or single hand carry.

  • How many bottles of wine fit in my Roadie® 15 Hard Cooler?

    7 bottles (standard 750mL wine bottles)

  • How do I clean the Roadie® 15 Hard Cooler?

    Yes. We recommend using soap and warm water. If you need a heavy-duty cleaning, use a 6:1 solution of warm water and bleach with a sponge or mildly abrasive rag.

  • Will it also keep my items hot?

    Yes, the same insulation and thick walls that keep the cooler cold also keep the heat.

  • What are the most comparable cooler sizes?

    Roadie® 24 (33 cans only, 11kgs of ice only), Tundra® 35 (39 cans only, 13kgs of ice only), Hopper Flip® 12 (24 cans only, 9kgs of ice only), Hopper Flip® 18 (30 cans only, 12kgs ice only). Roadie® 15 is the smallest Hard Cooler YETI offers.

  • What are the best activities to use the Roadie® 15 Cooler?

    Roadie® 15 is our most compact hard cooler yet. Haul a big lunch to work, set up a picnic for two, or take it along for a ride on an ATV, golf cart, paddle board, or kayak.

  • How many YETI® Ice Packs are recommended for the Roadie® 15 Wheeled Cooler?

  • Is there a warranty on the Roadie® 15 Cooler?

    Our YETI Roadie® Coolers come with a five-year warranty. For more information, please visit our warranty information page.

Compare Roadie® Hard Coolers
YETI Roadie® 15 Hard Cooler Tan
Roadie® 15 Hard Cooler

Meet the most compact hard cooler in our lineup.

  • Fits 22 cans (only)
  • Fits 7 kgs of ice (only)
  • Wine bottle compatible
Key Differences 22 Beer Cans (using 2:1 ice-to-can ratio) 7 lbs. of Ice (only)
YETI Roadie® 24 Hard Cooler White
Roadie® 24 Hard Cooler

Tall enough to chill most bottles of wine and keep the essentials fresh while you take the scenic route.

  • Fits 33 cans (only)
  • Fits 11 kgs of ice (only)
  • Wine bottle compatible
Key Differences 18 Beer Cans (using 2:1 ice-to-can ratio) 26 lbs. of Ice (only)
YETI Roadie® 32 Wheeled Hard Cooler Rescue Red
Roadie® 32 Wheeled Hard Cooler

Roll from boot to basecamp and beyond.

  • Fits 50 cans (only)
  • Fits 16kgs of ice (only)
  • Wine bottle compatible
Key Differences 25 Beer Cans (using 2:1 ice-to-can ratio) 32 lbs. of Ice (only)
Measurements & Specs
External Dimensions

42.9 W X 28.4 D X 35.6 H CM

Internal Dimensions

34.5 CM W X 19.10 CM D X 26.9 CM H

Empty Weight

4.4 kg