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Is the Roadie Wheeled Cooler handle durable?

Each Roadie® rolling cooler is built with RockSolid™ Strength and armoured to the core to be virtually indestructible. They also come with a 5 year warranty, so for more information check out our Warranty Information page.

Are there replacement parts?

Yes. We have dedicated replacement parts available for the Roadie® 48 and 60 Wheeled Coolers - contact our outfitter team for more info.

Where can I take my Cooler with wheels?

These ice chests with wheels can take on rocky paths, gravel trails, and splintered marine docks. But, while the wheels can stand up to sand, you may have trouble rolling over this type of soft terrain.

What are the benefits of Coolers with Wheels?

Wheeled cooler offers several advantages, which makes them a popular choice for an outdoor adventure. Here are some benefits of portable cooler with heavy duty wheels:

1. Storage Capacity - Coolers with wheels have higher storage capacity than backpack cooler or soft cooler. So you can bring enough food and beverage to keep you full and refreshed throughout your journey.

2. Convenience & Portability - It provides convenience especially if you plan for an extended outing. There's no need to carry heavy loads, since the durable wheels can help you move the cooler from one spot to the next.

3. Durability - With its heavy duty wheels, it can withstand scratches and impacts from any rough terrain, which makes it perfect for any outdoor adventure. Whether you plan on a beach trip or camping trip, the YETI rolling cooler is the perfect partner for an outdoor enthusiast like yourself.

4. Functionality - YETI cooler provides high insulation and ice retention to keep your food and drinks cold even on a hot summer day.