Complete your Trailhead® Camp Chair

People are asking

  • Is There A Cupholder Included?

    Yes. The Trailhead® Portable Chair’s cup holder fits most drink vessels.

  • How Do I Clean My Camping Chair?

    For general cleaning, simply hose it down with water. For stubborn grime on the frame or fabric, scrub with a simple mixture of mild soap and water using a soft bristle brush.

  • Is The Material Puncture Resistant?

    No, extremely sharp objects will puncture the fabric, but due to the weave, only large tears or cuts will affect the stability of the mesh.

  • How Much Weight Can It Support?

    The mesh is made from FlexGrid™ Fabric which can support up to 500 lbs. of weight.

  • Is It Fire Resistant?

    Flame Retardants have not been added to this camping or beach chair, as most are considered harmful chemicals. If an ember falls on the material, damage may occur.

  • Will It Fade In The Sun?

    We use the highest-quality materials and UV-resistant additives to ensure the best camping chair performance; however, some amount of fading should be expected.

  • Is There A Warranty?

    Yes, it comes with a five-year warranty. For more information, please visit our warranty information page.

  • Does This Chair Require Any Setup?

    To make sure your Trailhead® Camp Chair is properly set up for maximum comfort (and safety), check out our simple instructions.

Measurements & Specs
External Dimensions

75.9W x 92.1D x 63.8H cm

Empty Weight

6 kg