Complete your Yonder™ Tether Cap
  • YETI Yonder™ 1.5L Bottle Seafoam
    Yonder™ 1.5L Bottle
  • YETI Yonder™ 1L Bottle Seafoam
    Yonder™ 1L Bottle
  • YETI Yonder™ 600ML Bottle Seafoam
    Yonder™ 600ML Bottle
  • YETI Yonder™ 750ML Bottle Seafoam
    Yonder™ 750ML Bottle


  • What size Yonder™ bottles will my Yonder™ Tether cap fit?

    Yonder™ Caps are specifically designed to fit Yonder™ Products, so your Yonder™ Cap will fit both 600ML, 750ML, 1L and 1.5ML Yonder™ Bottles. They're not compatible with Rambler® Bottles or other YETI® Drinkware.

  • Is my Yonder™ Tether Cap dishwasher safe?

    Absolutely. We recommend Yonder™ Caps on the top rack and gaskets in the utensils basket, but that's just us. You can also hand wash if you find yourself in the wild without the comfort of modern appliances.

  • Can I use the Yonder™ Tether cap for hot and drinks?

    Yonder™ Water Bottles work best with cold drinks. Do not use this Yonder™ Bottle and Cap with hot or carbonated beverages, or use as storage for food or perishables.

  • Is there a warranty on my Yonder™ Tether Cap?

    All Yonder™ Drinkware comes with a 5 year warranty. For the nitty gritty details, check out our Warranty Information page.

  • How do I attach the Tether Cap to my Yonder™ water bottle?

    First remove the cap entirely and attach the Tether Ring to the very bottom of the bottle threads. Next, attach the Cap and finally, screw on the Tether Cap to the Chug Spout.