• Is it Waterproof?

    It's water-repellant. It's engineered with an ultra-tough material inspired by jet ski and tractor seats, which basically means it's great at repelling water and easy to wipe down.

  • It is mildewproof?

    No, but it is water-repellant and easy to clean with soap and water.

  • How much weight can it hold?

    Any weight your TundraĀ® Hard Cooler can handle, this seat cushion can, too.

  • Which TundraĀ® Hard Cooler sizes are compatible?

    We offer cushions compatible with our full line of TundraĀ® Hard Coolers, excluding the Tundra HaulĀ® Wheeled Cooler.

  • Is it puncture resistant?

    It is not puncture proof, but it's very tough and durable, and should resist most punctures and scratches (like from your keys).

  • Will sunscreen, alcohol, or other chemicals damage or discolour the cushion?

    Nope, these substances won't harm the seat cushion. It's also easy to clean. Just wipe it down with warm water and soap and you're good to go.

  • I pulled my TundraĀ® cooler seat cushion off my cooler. How do I reapply it?

    The Cooler cushion is not designed to be removed, so if you have pulled it off, you'll have to purchase a replacement.

  • Is it designed to be used as a standing/casting platform?

    No, it's made for sitting, not standing. If you need a traction pad to stand on, check out the Tundra SeaDekĀ® Hard Cooler Traction Pad.