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People are asking?

  • Are the lid and Rambler® Tumbler dishwasher safe?

    Yes, all components are. No one needs more work to do.

  • Can I use it for hot and cold drinks?

    The cup is insulated for both hot and cold drinks, but make sure to use the cocktail shaker for cold drinks only. Hot liquids will cause pressure to build inside the vessel causing the cap to leak or eject creating a scald hazard.

  • Are Rambler® products BPA free?

    Yes. All YETI® Drinkware is BPA free.

  • Is there a warranty on my YETI® Drinkware?

    Yes. All of our stainless-steel drinkware comes with a 5-year warranty. For more details, see our Warranty Information page.

  • Can I drink directly out of the lid?

    It's possible but we recommended using the cocktail shaker lid only for pouring. You can also purchase a different lid to match your Rambler®. See our drinkware accessories here page.

  • What other Rambler® products are compatible with the cocktail shaker lid?

  • When used properly, is it leakproof?

    No, it’s leak resistant for you to shake without splashes.

  • Can I use it with carbonated beverages?

    No. Shaking carbonated beverages will cause pressure to build in the vessel, which may cause the lid to eject and result in leaks or spills.

  • Is dry ice compatible for steaming cocktails?

    Nope, not for drinkware.

Measurements & Specs
External Dimensions

9.06 x 3.46 in or 23 x 8.8 cm

Empty Weight

0.49 kg


591 mL

YETI 20 oz Cocktail Shaker Navy