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Plenty is happening across the world right now so it’s important that we all stay connected. Next time you set foot in your front yard and you happen to see your neighbour, we encourage you to give them a wave, say g’day and if you are able to… share a cold one over the fence.

This week the YETI Australia team connected with Sarah Glover, a longtime friend of the brand, via Zoom to see what she’s been up to in isolation.

Sarah has taken her Weber from the backyard to ‘The Great Front Doors’, also known as the front yard, in order to be a little more social where she can. Obviously the neighbours are taking notice. It’s hard not to with the classic smells of the Australian BBQ she’s firing up wafting over the fence.

Sarah hasn't taken her foot off the gas and has been hard at work creating an e-book that is now available to download on her website. Check it out and you can also cook some delicious meals in ‘The Great Front Doors.’

Sarah Glover  |  Bangers & Bacon 
Feeds 6 Hungry People

Recipe by Sarah Glover
Photography by Adam Gibson
Illustration by Kiel Tillman