My Mom Vala

Life has a way of putting us where we need to be. For Vala, that's in both Greenland - where she works at her family's fishing lodge - and Reykjavík, where she teaches her daughter how to do it all on her own, too.
Starring: Valgerður “Vala” Árnadóttir
Mathilda Magdalena
Production company: Tributaries Digital Cinema
Director: RC Cone
Story by: Elli Thor Magnusson, RC Cone
Screenplay by: Miles Nolte
Cinematography: Zane Clampett, RC Cone,
Produced by: RC Cone, Elli Thor Magnusson
Location: Lax-a Angling Club (
Photography: Elli Thor Magnusson
Edited by: RC Cone
Assistant Editor/VFX: Zane Clampett
Sound Design and Mix: Colter Olmsted
Color: Daði Jónsson
Intern: Henry Worobec

Music: Þorparinn by Pálmi Gunnarsson
Please by Mugison
Illgresi by Dimma
Breaking Bones by Vök