Mothers Day with the Percy Family


This Mother's Day, we share the inspiring story of Ann Percy and her family's farm, Greenstone Station. This vast and beautiful New Zealand property stretches from Lake Mavora to the Routeburn track, where Ann’s daughter Grace grew up on the farm. Now day’s Grace also competes in Show Jumping during her weekends.


Changes in farming practices mean that the Percy family may be facing changes to their cattle grazing in the back blocks of the station. Nevertheless, they remain steadfast in their commitment to preserving and nurturing the land they love.


The Percy family understands the importance of responsible farming practices and protecting the waterways, which is why they are willing to adapt their practices while still finding ways to ride out into the back blocks that hold such a special place in their hearts. Join us in honouring mothers like Ann, whose hard work sustains the land and supports their families, even in the face of challenges and change.