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Lukas Nelson

Lukas Nelson is no stranger to legacies. As the son of Willie Nelson, making a mark is ingrained in his DNA. So much so, he’s made two names for himself — one as the frontman of Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real and the other as lead guitarist and bandleader for Neil Young. But his latest musical innovation comes in the form of a new album called Turn Off The News (Build A Garden), epitomizing his signature rock-and-roll-meets-folk style. It’s also arriving on the heels of Nelsons’ collaboration with the film and soundtrack, A Star is Born. He’s a busy man and a successful one on that. We respect his hustle and drive to push the limits. It’s just the tip of the iceberg of why we admire him, and we couldn’t be more honoured that he took the time to curate a Spotify playlist exclusively for YETI Nation. Take a good listen to discover what keeps this million-miles-a-minute rock star energized, inspired, and amped for his next endeavour.

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