Shad Mayfield

Clovis, New Mexico

To say rodeo played a large role in the Mayfield household would be an understatement. Shad’s dad earned his spot to the NFR—twice. And like cowboy like son, he leveraged his success to teach Shad the ropes. Once he followed his father’s lead, this New Mexico native was destined to become a World Champion. From day one, Shad began dominating youth rodeos, perfecting the sport, and setting his sights on even bigger goals—winning gold buckles. With years of hard work under his belt, he accomplished this at the 2020 Wrangler NFR, proving the young 20-year-old has what it takes to compete with the best. But it’s his mental toughness and no-quit attitude that’ve helped Shad become who he is today—one of the top-ranked tie-down ropers in the world.


What does your pursuit mean to you?



It means following my dream and seeing it through.



What goes through your head, when you first wake up in the morning?



Everything I need to get done to get ready for my next competition.


What are the three most essential things you need to rodeo?



A good horse, a good work ethic, and a winning attitude.



I’m happiest when...



I’m traveling to a rodeo with my dog and horses...or hearing the rodeo announcer say I just won.


What part of you, or what you do, reflects a spirit of restlessness?



The desire to’s a feeling I get every time I pull up to a rodeo.



If there’s any love-hate relationship with an aspect of what you do, can you describe what that is?



It’s all have to love your job to be a winner, and I love what I do.


What would be your day job, if you weren’t doing what you’re currently doing?



Giving private rodeo lessons.



Who are your heroes? And who do you look up to?



All the champions who paved the way for me...and my dad who’s coached me since I was little.


If you could bring anybody in the world (dead or alive) to a rodeo with you, who would it be?



My grandma...she always went to my rodeos and would’ve loved to watch me at the NFR.



Where’s your favourite place to rodeo?



At home in my practice pen.


How do you up your game, year after year?



Practicing my craft and correcting my mistakes.



If you could do anything better, what would it be?



Rodeo is a mental game...I can always get better by working on my mental toughness.


Tell us your favourite story from a day of rodeoing?



Winning the American Rodeo in Arlington, TX...that was an amazing feeling.



What haven’t you accomplished that you aspire to do in your lifetime?



Win multiple gold buckles.


What’s the one YETI product that you can’t do without?



My Rambler® 12 oz. Bottle.



How do you use the Rambler® 12 oz. Bottle in your market?



I’m a coffee drinker and my Rambler® Bottle keeps my coffee warm while I’m on the road.


Which other YETI products do you use?



I have several YETI® Coolers and always have one filled with cold drinks.



What’s your one favourite aspect or feature of the Roadie® 24 Hard Cooler?



It’s so handy to have cold drinks in the back of my truck (and know they’ll be cold for days.)


How has your favourite YETI products changed what you do, or how you do it?



Whether I’m at home or on the road...I always have my cooler and Rambler® Drinkware with me.