Louie Lopez

Los Angeles, California


There are two types of skateboarding: street and transition. Louie Lopez is a master of both. Hailing from Los Angeles, Louie grew up in the center of the skate scene, resonating with the street and the surrounding community. He picked up a board at age 5, got his first sponsorship at 7, and has been a name in the skateboarding community since going pro at eighteen. Louie is known in his community as the skater's skater–someone anybody can rally behind. Maybe that’s why you’ll find his name on a long list of skate videos. And maybe that’s why you’re most likely to find him in the streets with a board in hand. And on the off chance that he isn’t skating, you can find him on long overnight gravel bike rides, enjoying the outdoors. Louie’s love for his community and his sport is something we think is worth caring about. We hope he shows us how to kickflip one day.