Lacey Kelly

Q: What goes through your head when you first wake up in the morning?


A: Am I going to favor an incoming or an outgoing tide today? Wind direction & speed. Why isn’t my French Press ready?


Q: Tell us a favorite story from a day out fishing.


A: That would take too many bottles of bourbon. I can’t pick just one, guess you’ll just have to come fish with me to have story time!


Q: How do you up your game year after year?


A: I spend my vacation's booking other guides to fish with in hopes of picking up some new tricks of the trade. I’ve fished with some of the best and every time I take away a “game changer” that keeps me fresh. I feel there’s always something new to learn in this beautiful sport.


Q: Who are your heroes? Who do you look up to?


A: My parents are my heroes. The older I get the more I appreciate who they are and how hard they work to live the outdoors lifestyle that I was raised in. Not only did they teach me the tools to survive in the outdoors but they gave me the stepping stone into my career.


Q: What haven’t you accomplished that you aspire to do in your lifetime?


A: I would like to catch 100 Permit on Fly. I’m currently chasing number six so I have a ways to go….. however I would have to say shooting an Elk and a Osceola Turkey with my longbow rates high on that list too!


Q: If there is any love-hate relationship with any aspect of what you do, can you describe what that is?


A: I love the friendships I’ve made along the way but I don’t love the competitive drama. Navigating around it can be challenging but at the end of the day it should all be about the fishing or hunting.