Kimi Werner

What goes through your head when you first wake up in the morning when you go spearfishing?


A: Inventory, inventory inventory!  The first thoughts that flow through my mind when I wake up are "What ingredients need to be used today? What can I make out of them?" Food is the root of my days spent at home and in the ocean.


Q: Where is your favorite place to spearfish?


A: I've thoroughly enjoyed the spearfishing in Panama and East Africa! As exceptional as the fish are there, I still love catching humble little fry fish right here in Hawaii. Hawaii is home and my heart will always choose home.


Q: How do you up your game year after year?


A: I don't think I necessarily up my game every year but I do always try to leave my comfort zone and cross new horizons in freediving and spearfishing. Lately I've been diving ice in the Arctic and Antarctica!


Q: If you could do anything better, what would it be?


A: I wish I could sing!  Or even carry a decent tune!  I think I'd sing all the time just to express my happiness!


Q: Who are your heroes?


A: Shep Gordon, Yvon Chouinard, Gerry Lopez, the Malloy Bros and their wonderfully, hardworking/farming wives, and my beautiful family.


Q: What haven’t you accomplished that you aspire to do in your lifetime?


A: I want to write books. I'd love to write a cookbook, children's book, adventure novel and maybe one day a life memoir.


Q: What part of you, or what you do, reflects a spirit of restlessness?


A: I'm a stimulation junkie. I love been present in the moment, totally captivated and stimulated by what's in front of me. That's why I love cooking, traveling, art and words so passionately.  If I'm not completely stimulated I feel an inward itchiness that makes me restless and crazy. That's why I love the ocean so much. When I'm underwater, my restless spirit is set free. Everything is moving and constantly changing right before my eyes and I am literally submerged in all of it.

Q: What would be your day job if you weren’t doing what you currently doing?


A: That makes me cringe!  I don't ever want a day job thats not doing what I'm doing. I need freedom, flow and spontaneity in my life. I used to think I could be a firefighter as the work is meaningful, adventurous, team building and constantly changing from situation to situation. But still I worry that the routine of showing up at the same place, same time in the same clothes would eventually burn me out.


Q: What sound or noise do you love?


A: Dolphins squeaking, whales singing, children giggling and soft lapping waves on a sandy shoreline.


Q: What does YETI mean to you?


A: YETI means true blue. YETI is your true blue friend who always has your back and is down to join you for any adventure. She's handy, helpful and will always make whatever you're doing a hell of a lot more fun.


Q: What is your one favourite aspect or feature of your YETI?


A: I love traveling with my Hoppers. I enjoy the fact that I can carry the Flip onto the plane and the Hopper will fit in my suitcase if needed. I love even more that they will keep my fish cold even when I'm traveling for over 30 hours!