Ranch & Rodeo


Canyon, Texas

Jordan Jo Fabrizio is a force of nature. She ranked third at in the Breakaway World Standings in 2020 and was the first person to win the Breakaway Roping title at the Cheyenne Frontier Days Invitational in 2019. (If that isn’t the definition of hustle, we don’t know what is.) She’s fueled by representing a strong female presence in the rodeo circuit, passionate about inspiring the generations that follow, and determined to push her talent as far as she can take it. But believe it or not, Jordan Jo enjoys (occasional) downtime, and she shared a piece of it with us. So kick back with a YETI® Mug full of joe, and catch up the inner workings of this history-maker’s mind.
What goes through your head when you first wake up in the morning before you rope?
Jesus and a fabulous hot cup of coffee.
Where is your favourite place to breakaway rope?
Cheyenne Frontier Days.
Tell us a favourite story from a day out roping?
A little boy came up to me during a rodeo and told me that I had met him a year before and he couldn’t wait to come and watch me rope again. Very humbling moment to realise that what we do, say, and how we act—someone is always watching. I want to make a difference wherever I go.
How do you up your game year after year?
Competing as much as possible, staying sharp, and fine-tuning the little things to make big differences.
If you could do anything better, what would it be?
Live life more passionately!
Who are your heroes? Who do you look up to?
People around the world who live with passion, who have conquered goals, and smashed glass ceilings!
What haven’t you accomplished that you aspire to do in your lifetime?
Travel to all seven continents.
What part of you, or what you do, reflects a spirit of restlessness?
Never settling, always striving for more, restless for what is yet to come!
What sound or noise do you love?
The sunrise and nature waking with it. I am happiest when I am drinking coffee with nature.
What are the three most essential pieces of YETI Gear you need for your world?
Tundra® Hard Cooler, Camino® Carryall, and the Rambler® Coffee Mug.
What would be your day job if you weren’t doing what you currently doing?
If you could bring anybody in the world with you to do what you love (dead or alive), who would it be?
My best friend, Raymond Hollabaugh.
What does YETI mean to you?
YETI goes above and beyond and is relentless in their pursuit of product that we can use in every situation.
What does it mean to be built for the wild?
Endurance of the fittest —YETI can withstand every element.
How would you explain what YETI is to someone who didn’t know?
YETI is a product that can withstand any elements, bringing all things from the home to the wild...
What is the YETI that you cannot do without?
Rambler Mug.