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Jeff Simpson

Jeff Simpson is a YETI original. He’s been with us from just about the beginning. The view from the back of his truck in our 365 commercial is iconic in the hunting space, and he’s contributed so much more to us as our Ambassador program has grown. An accomplished big­-game hunter, Jeff has traveled all over the world, but there’s no place he’d rather be than his farm in Kansas getting ready for whitetail season.

Q: What goes through your head when you first wake up in the morning when you hunt?


A: With my mistrust in weathermen, I am almost always checking the wind and temps immediately when I wake up.


Q: Where is your favorite place to hunt?


A: Kansas is home. It’s also where my farming and management efforts are, so there is nothing that tops it for me.


Q: If there is any love­-hate relationship with any aspect of what you do, can you describe what that is?


A: As I get older, the process of managing my farms for mature animals is becoming the focus far more so than then kill. Don’t get me wrong; I still want a bright-red frothy arrow in my hand as I walk up on a 200-inch whitetail, but I’m nowhere near as mad at them as I was in my younger years. The balance of management and harvest is my biggest internal struggle.


Q: Who are your heroes?


A: My grandpa, my dad, and my uncle have always been my heroes. Each has taught me valuable lessons and shaped me to be the man I am. I look up to Jim Bath. Jim is probably the most committed and accomplished whitetail hunter that 99.9% of you have never heard of.


Q: What haven’t you accomplished that you aspire to do in your lifetime?


A: I’m still in pursuit of that 200-inch whitetail. He keeps me up at night.


Q: If you could bring anybody in the world with you to do what you love (dead or alive), who would it be?


A: I’d love one more hunt with my grandfather. It could be squirrels back behind the barn or moose in the Yukon...wouldn't matter as long as it was with him.


Q: What would be your day job if you weren’t doing what you are currently doing?


A: I can't imagine doing anything else. Marketing, photography, and farming is perfect for me.