Streaky Bay, South Australia
To this day, Heath Joske still holds the unofficial title of “one of the best waves ever witnessed” by soul arching his way into an unforgettable ride at Jeffrey’s Bay back in 2012, and was a wild card when he did it. Today he’s a still a legendary surfer, but you’re not likely to find his name in the lineup of most tours. While yes, the man lives to surf, Joske isn’t about the headlines and the fame. Instead, he is dedicated to his family, the land he lives on, environmental activism, and ultimately living a good, simple life. When those missions didn’t align with a life of pro surfing on the World Surf League, he left the competitions behind. It’s a decision most sponsored surfers would be hesitant to make, but in doing so he ended up with new, different sponsors who share his values.

In the surf community he’s what’s called an “underground charger” – he’s surfing for himself and arguably remains one of the best surfers in the world, but you’d never know it because he’s not competing. He does what he does – surfing, board shaping (like his dad), gardening (like his mom), and being with a family of his own – all for the love of it. If that’s not legendary, then we don’t know what is.