Food & Beverage

Aaron Franklin

Q: What goes through your head when you first wake up in the morning when you BBQ?


A: My back hurts. I usually lie in bed and map out the day in my head.


Q: How do you up your game year after year?


A: My number one goal is consistency and for everyone to have the same experience anytime they come.


Q: If you could do anything better, what would it be?


A: Be a better cook.


Q: Who are your heroes?


A: My wife, Stacy


Q: What haven’t you accomplished that you aspire to do in your lifetime?


A: Learn how to make beer - really, really, good beer.


Q: What sound or noise do you love?


A: Crack of a freshly built fire.


Q: What would be your day job if you weren’t doing what you are currently doing?


A: Roast coffee, make beer, and cook barbecue.